Exec Head
Glenn Russell
Stalham Infant School
Stalham Infant School
Brumstead Road
NR12 9DG
01692 580557
School Prospectus

Stalham Infant School

We pride ourselves on providing the children of Stalham with an excellent start to their educational journeys.  Our small school recognises that a child’s education starts at home; therefore we consider working with our parents and carers one of our top priorities as this can have such a positive impact on each child’s success in their school life.  


We provide a curriculum that builds on children’s natural curiosity and wonder of the world around them.  We develop excitement and enthusiasm for learning whilst building confidence and encouraging children to try and try again with being afraid of failure.  


We are a school at the heart of our community and we work to ensure our children know what it is to be part of the life of our town and how to contribute to it.  We foster a friendly environment where we help children to make friends and learn how to cope with the highs and lows of life at this early age.


Our wonderful staff work hard to provide an educational environment where children thrive, make progress and enjoy their school time, whilst developing a love of learning to set them up for success.  We welcome visitors to our school to see how our children learn and enjoy school.