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Teaching Staff - Professional Development

As a teacher at Broad Horizons Education Trust you are our most valuable resource. We believe strongly that developing your knowledge and skills will have a direct impact on the quality of the learning in our classrooms. 

We aim to offer development opportunities to all those who work with our children and young people so they can be better equipped to unlock all children’s personal potential; keeping them safe, encouraging and enabling social mobility and creating happy, successful learners.


The Central Education Team at Broad Horizons Education Trust plans and delivers evidence-based professional studies programmes for teachers at all stages of their career.  We work with trusted partners for national programmes too, such as the Early Career Framework and the National Professional Qualifications. 

Join our Trust and from your very first schools-wide induction session you will be offered opportunities to network with other ‘Broad Horizons’ professionals; people working collaboratively, who are valued, supported and encouraged to innovate. Do you want to be the best professional version of yourself that you can be? Take a look at the opportunities that are available to you, for free!


The planner below is just an example of what we are currently offering, with monthly updates published and shared and an easy sign-up process that puts teachers in the driving seat of their career development. 

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